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Peace be upon you, and Allah mercy and blessings
First of all, I am not bored here to invite the audience to always always praise and thanksgiving to the presence of Allah swt which until now still always give grace and grace so that we all still given a chance to be able to breathe air freely. Do not forget also shalawat and greetings of course also will never be forgotten for us to haturkan our lord the great prophet Muhammad SAW who has given his instructions so that we all can walk and pursue the road of salvation islam.
If we look deeper, basically Indonesia ndonesia is one country that has a fairly high economic potential, and seems to be sufficiently based on the international world. Even the international world also seems to recognize that on the basis of this country we have a significant increase in the level of economic growth, and even Indonesia is said to be one country that has a sophisticated economic system so that in the end, Indonesia is increasingly becoming one of the countries Deserves to be reckoned with in the international economy, so it seems to have a good effect on our economic situation, especially the more foreign investors who want to invest in our country.
Maybe that's all I can say if there is a mistake of the word intentionally or unintentionally I apologize, so dar.

Senin, 29 Mei 2017

tutorial : puding regal

Ingredients :
2 parcel            seaweed (without a sense of )
1 grain              egg (egg yolk)
1 sacet               sweetened condensed milk
1/2 teaspoon    vanilla
1 parcel             seaweed (the taste of chocolate)
600 ml               water (for one paek of seaweed)
2 parcel            regal (medium size)
6 tablespoon    sugar (according to taste)

Making way :
=> The first layer
Frist of all turn on the stove and then  prepare the pot that has been filled by water enter seaweed without a sense of together with the sugar stir briefly and wait until boiling while waiting for the gelatin to a boil prepare the mold seaweed and stacking the cake regal with neat. After boiling pour the batter into a mold that has been in stacking in the refrigerator for 30 minutes.

=> Layar to two
while waiting for the first layer is frozen, and further to a second layer turn on the stove prepare the pan that has the contents of the water and seaweed without the races and the sugar allow it to boil. After boiling reduce the heat to low and add the egg yolks beaten first and enter the sweetened condensed milk and vanili stir and wait until boiling. After boiling put the mixture into the cracks of the first layer is frozen last wait to cool briefly and then enter it again in the refrigerator wait until frozen, approximately 30 minutes.

=> Layer to three
While waiting for the to freezes we make layer three ie turn on the stove to prepare a pot and water then enter the seaweed taste of chocolate and sugar stir briefly and wait until boiling. After boiling put in a mold the first layer and the two then enter ot again in the refrigerator let it go frozen approximately one or one and a half hours after that pudding is ready to serve.

my fiture business

 Hi all see you again on my blog LINDA SUKMAWATI this time I will tell about the future of my business. The future I'd like to open a business of her own cake shop and have employess that much. Why would I want to open a pastry shop. Because I really love cookin, especially making cakes my favorite cake is a brownis there are brown that 's why I like the once with brownis. In addition to that, I also like the oncea was in the kitchen sometimes if I again get bored I make a cake such as pudding, or any cake that I prefer. So that 's one of the reasons I want to open a pastry shop. Instead, because of my hobby also. Like make it and taste it aside from that there are other things why I  want to open a shop in a football match. I want to learn money from my own efforts not to request from the parents or from anyone. In addition to want to be independent and have their own income turns out to make a cake it is also nesessary to skil. Where in when we decorate the cake we should be able to decorate if with beautiful. So, consumens are tempted to buy it. And high quality of material also highly influence the results of the cake. If the ingredients are not good then the result is also less than satisfactor. Maybe it's just that I can tell you about my desire to open a business. I'll so you again in the next story by.

Jumat, 21 April 2017

Ask an expert

Linda         : Good morning ma'am!!
Hj. Hadya : Good morning kidd, did ???
Linda         : I 'am student of university of  TANJUNGPURA PONTIANAK, I came to                               interview mother about bread making
Hj. Hadya  : Oh, with pleasure! Let's star just the interview
Linda         : Earlier I wanted to ask you since when did you star busines this bread?
Hj. Hadya : I started this business since 10 year ago. At that time I was still pedding                          my bread to the villages has not been ad  store like this now.
Linda         : Continue to how the mother could be as succesful as today?
Hj. Hadya : At that time I think if I continue like this my business will not develop.                             Then I tried to sell the bread to produce it them selves.
Linda         : What the heck the secret of bread is the mother so a lot of people who                             like the homemade bread mom?
Hj. Hadya : I guess there's no secret recipe or seasoning privileged in making my                              bread maker. But I maintain the quality of bread dough and made very                          well
Linda         : What do you mean by the dough as it is?
Hj. Hadya : The dough is a dough that will produce quality bread anyway. That's why                      I prefer to make the dough yourself from on nembeli already so all the                            process that I do myself starting from choosing the flour and mix the                                other ingredients.
Linda        : How the mother, the process of making bread is it?
Hj. Hadya : First of all we must prepare the ingredients in advance, such as bread                            flour, yeast, water, eggs, and other seasonings. After that, we make the                            dough by mixing the ingredients until becomes smooth. After that we                              formed the dough of bread it is in accordance with the shape that we                              want. Then put the dought it in the oven with heat stableat 15 degress                              celsius for 15 minutes.
Linda         : After that it the bread could've been sold?
Hj. Hadya : Of course the speckle, there is still another process namely the provision                        of a mixture sueh as cheese, chocolate, milk, and the bread is ready for                            sale
Linda         : Oh so it's like that process of making bread. If so thank you mothers for                           your time and information you give, to me hopefully the efforts of the                             mother can continue to progress.
Hj. Hadya : Thank you back son, and this a little gift from me.
Linda         : Thank you ma'am!

Jumat, 31 Maret 2017

I can't imagine life without music

      Hello, meet again with me linda sukmawati on my blog. I hope you all not bored of reading the content of my blog my post time is same with my post before only the title was different. I was told by an english lecturer I to tell I can't imagine life without music. Actually the lecturer I give you the choice of not only music but there are also electricity, education, economy, and chemistry. But i choose music because music life would definitely boring. If there is not word music like no entertainment. Music is one of human life from the young to the old like with the music. In addition to the entertaining music is also often used as a medium to represent the feelings of someone either being sad, angry, happy, or upset. Moreover, when young children being upset is definitely always listening to music as an expression of his feelings that he was sad. And the problems facing noticeably lighter. And if again breaking up love listen to music can move on from the sad to the not as sad, happy, angry, or upset music we often listen to while the journey away with listening to music when we travel more fun. Try to imagine of we when sad or in transit we are not listening to a song might be sad we grew older and our journey boring. The music was very important for human beings and is needed by human. Because the human is close to whatever music thing and our work is definitely on the sidelines. We always listen to music well it is when cooking in the kitvhen or other activies. Music and money are equally necessary in human life. If there is no money man can not satisfy all their needs so also with music. If the music is not there in the life of a human being must live a boring life. Maybe it's just that I can tell you about I can't imagine life without musik. Wait for my story next bye see you next time.

How to Give a Speech

part1: preparing the speech  

1) pick you massage.

Your speech should be able to summed up in a sentence, maybe two. 

This is what your speech really boils down to: it's what you'll start off with and what you'll return to at the end.
It's simple and people can stick to it. And it's easier for you, too!

2)know your audience.

This will determine the entirety of your speech. You wouldn't deliver the same speech to four year-olds as you would to CEOs! So know your audience. Here are a few things to consider:

3) Don't ruminate about negative thoughts.

Ask yourself, what's the worst that can happen? People will give you weird looks for not giving a speech according to their "expectations". Not more than that. Think of what you will gain, overcoming the fear of public speaking.

4)Research your subject.

If your subject is you, congratulations!But if it's not, get to researching. The pros and the cons!

5) Use stories, humor, and metaphors.

A speech that's full of dull, meaningless statistics and facts probably won't get you anywhere with any audience

6) Use striking adjectives, verbs, and adverbs.

7)Jump right in. 

Don't talk about painting -- get right in there and start creating an image for them. They're there for your speech, not how you felt about it or how you feel now. Hook 'em from the get-go by starting strong outta the gate.

8)Write it out. 

Because forming a speech in your head is a lot of work. Write it out, see how it transitions from point to point.

You should have a clear introduction, body, and conclusion

part2: practicing the speech

a) Write down your main points. 

now that you have everything you want to say figured out , write down your main points. 

Get to the point where you're comfortable delivering it just with the notecard. The more comfortable you are with the speech, the more it'll show when you're delivering it.

b)Memorize it.

If you have it memorized, you can make eye contact with your audience and worry about the icing on the cake, like gestures and inflection.

c)Deliver it to someone.

Delivering it to someone helps you get used to someone looking at you while you're talking. Public speaking can be pretty terrifying, so having a practice audience will help calm your nerves.

d) Practice in front of the mirror and in the shower.

Really, you should be practicing wherever you can. But these two spots will be particularly useful: Practice in front of the mirror so you can see your body language.

e) Time it.

You probably have some idea of how long your speech. 

part3: Delivering the Speech

1) Think about your posture and body language.

Standing like you have a fig leaf over your crotch is not the way to give a captivating speech.Your speech conveys a certain amount of emotion, right? You use your hands every day to express emotion.

2)use props

This should be used carefully, though. Don't whip out a different prop every sentence. Stick to one really effective prop, like the brain.

Use them sparingly, but effectively.

3)Know when and how to use pictures.
Pictures can be more memorable than just being told factoid, regardless of how pivotal it may be. Don't face the pictures when you're talking! 
4) Select people in your audience, don't scan.

Make eye contact with a person over here, a person over there, etc. Draw them in one at a time instead of making them all feel glossed over. 

5) Vary your tone.

Show emotion in your tone, don't be afraid to chuckle a bit or show a bit of grief or frustration.

6) Don't forget about pauses!

There's just as much power in the pauses as there is in the words.Take your speech and literally write in the pauses if it'll help you. Once you have it down, you'll be able to feel where the pauses will go.

7)Conclude by restating your message and saying a simple, "Thank you."

You've gone through the speech, and now it's time for your conclusion.